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With faster Internet connection your company will be in position to get abundance of valuable information, you are going to save time in communications with your business partners. With Internet connection available for your employees, your business will be more prosperous and efficient.
Internet has become unavoidable part of the contemporary business operations. Email has become standard form of business communication.
Internet provides for you a variety of business information, catalogues, documentation, useful addresses and telephone numbers, stock exchange reports, etc.
Dedicated access is the best solution for companies that should provide web access for a number of its employees at the same time, during the work hours and during the whole day.

Permanent access provided by Infosky providing center, offers you the following services:
ispred.gif (340 bytes)email
ispred.gif (340 bytes)news groups
ispred.gif (340 bytes)chat - interactive exchange of messages
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Making phone calls through Internet at local rate
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Conference and videoconference - interactive exchange of messages with a large number of people
ispred.gif (340 bytes)ftp - File transfer through the net, including image and data transfer
These facilities provide you with:
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Your own domain (e.g. company_name.co.yu)
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Your IP address
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Your own web and mail server.

Your employees will be in position to use these services after closing the working hours, and from some other location as well.
Hardware resources to be provided by the user:
ispred.gif (340 bytes)User - Informatika leased line
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Appropriate speed and features modem
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Router (in case of ISDN connection
BRI ISDN telephone line and ISDN router are also required)
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Adequate number of servers
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Adequate number of work stations
Software resources:
Depends on the selected operating system, while Microsoft NT 4.0 Server with BackOffice package is the standard.
As the user has a dedicated Internet connection, it is not the time that is charged, but the registered traffic.
Traffic level is defined by CIR-om (Commited Information Rate). 4 kbps means that the average monthly traffic of the user was 4Kbps, which is equivalent to the transferred 1,25 Gbyte during a month. CIR level is set out by the contract with the user CIR od 4 kbps.
Local Internet Register - yu.infosky

Informatika is authorized by the European Internet Coordination Center (Ripe NCC Amsterdam) to allocate
IP address segment to its users, as the Local Internet Register

Access Lines
At present, we have about 80 available lines dedicated only to leased lines of our customers interested in permanent Internet connection, as well as a considerable number of ISDN
access lines.
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