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Web hosting on InfoSky servers encompasses the following services:
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Counter
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Formmail

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Counter enables the web presentation owners to count visits on one of your site pages, and also to make tit visible to the visitors if it is placed on the first plage as an image. One website is entitled to have only one counter.
How to place it?
Send a mail requesting such a service to webmaster@InfoSky.Net Having done that, enter html code in the exact place of your html document, where you want the counter to appear:
<img src="http://www2.infosky.net/scripts/count.exe?df=username.dat|dd=a|ft=8|md=5|tr=n">
Choosing on one of the options dd, md, ft, tr and sh, you are in position to choose the desired counter image:

code scope description
dd=A A-E Digit type
md=5 5-10 Number of digits in a number
ft=2 1-8 Border type
tr=N N-Y Transparent
sh=Y N-Y Digit display
df=x x.dat User_name

Here are some examples:
dd=A md=5 ft=1 tr=Y sh=Y
dd=B md=5 ft=5 tr=N sh=Y
dd=C md=5 ft=2 tr=N sh=Y
dd=D md=8 ft=1 tr=N sh=Y
dd=E md=10 ft=1 tr=N sh=Y
dd=A md=7 ft=1 tr=N sh=N  

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Formmail Formmail is a service helping Web presentation visitors to fill in the form, which is then forwarded to the recipient defined by the presentation owner. Form fields are defined through html document, by the presentation owner, and the contents are forwarded as electronic mail.
How to set it up?
Send us a mail request to webmaster@InfoSky.Net ..., and we shall provide it for you. There are English and Serbian versions of the form, you should mark the one you would like to have.
What should you do? The following:
Create a html document with a form to be filled in by your visitors. You should have a part of html code:
<form method="post" action="http://www2.infosky.net/scripts/formmail.pl"> or
<form method="post" action="http://www2.infosky.net/scripts/formmail_sr.pl">
depending on the chosen language version of the form.
There is a range of fields helping you control different form options :

field recipient
description REQUIRED field!
Enables definition of e-mail address to which filled forms are to be sent.
html source <input type=hidden name=recipient value=name@domain>
field realname or name
description Optional field
The visitor enters his name and surname .
html source <input type=text name=realname size=45>
or <input type=text name=name size=45>
field email
description Optional field!
The visitor enters his e-mail address. Script takes care that it is entered correctly, and reports error, in case it is not.
html source <input type=text name=email size=45>
field required
description Optional field.
Enables you to require certain form fields to be entered. In case the visitor does not enter the required field, error message appears, asking him to reenter the field.
html source <input type=hidden name=required value=name,email>
field subject
description Optional field.
Defines the subject of the sent e-mail.
html source <input type=hidden name=subject value=E-mail_subject>
field redirect
description Optional field.
Enables previously prepared web page to appear instead of standard FormMail service message, after sending the form.
html source <input type=hidden name=redirect value=http://www.domain.co.yu/specific_page.html>
field env_report
description Optional field.
Enables the e-mail with the filled form to contain the visitor's data as well: the browser he uses, his IP address, etc. Variables which can be used:
remote_host - shows the name of the host sending the form
remote_addr - shows the IP address of the host
remote_user - shows the visitor's username if only authorized users are allowed to fill the form
http_user_agent - gives information about visitor's browser
html source <input type=hidden name=env_report value=remote_addr,http_user_agent>

Finally, create a button for form sending. The code you need is:
<input type=submit value=Send>

For any additional question please write to webmaster@infosky.net

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